WinterFest at Kings Island Trip Report and Review! – November 24th, 2018

I was super thrilled to be able to get to WinterFest at Kings Island, after visiting in 2017. When I visited last year, it was around -10 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in the rides and most activities to be canceled.

With the forecast to be around 50 degrees on both of the possible days, I planned to visit, which was between Friday and Saturday. I ended up visiting on Saturday.

When I arrived, I took tons and tons of photos and videos of the park.

I especially focused on the decorations in the park, unlike the lights, last year.

I was excited to see the Tree Lighting Ceremony — where the park lights the over 300-feet Christmas tree made of LED light strings!

I thought the park did a great job with the Christmas tree surrounding the Eiffel Tower replica. It was better synchronized to music.

Mystic Timbers, of course, is one of the three roller coasters open in the park. The rule is that it must be over 32 degrees for it to open.

Flight of Fear and The Great Pumpkin Coaster are also open during the duration of the event.

I rode Mystic Timbers after waiting around 1 hour. I rode in the blue train in the 3rd row. It was a great ride but lacked the intensity I like due to being so far ahead of the train.

I then looked at lots and lots of lights. In addition, I took lots of photos and videos.

I got the WinterFest Hot Chocolate Mug just like I did last year! Kings Island’s hot chocolate is very delicious! But don’t drink it right after you get it or you will burn your mouth.

I then had trouble finding something to eat. There were choices, but I think there should have been more. I ended up just getting pizza. I also watched some of Tinker’s Toy Factory!

I looked at more lights and got lots of footage! In addition, I checked out the old Firehawk area. The ride has not been dismantled yet.

I decided not to ride Flight of Fear since I knew I was coming back 1-2 more times before WinterFest closes!

I rode Mystic Timbers again in the green train 2nd to back! It was a great ride and was very intense, which I prefer! The ride was much better than my first one of the night!

WinterFest was awesome! However, I do think that hours should be until midnight, at least on Friday and Saturday. There is not that much time to do everything, especially with one visit, in around 5 hours.

The event is really great. Food selection could be a little better, but overall the event is spectacular!

Final Score: 9/10


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