Sights of WinterFest at Kings Island! – November 2018 Part 1

While visiting WinterFest at Kings Island during the end of November, I took a ton of cool photos to showcase what the event has to offer!

This Sights article will contain all of the photos I took in the park. I will be making 1-3 additional Parts, because I will try to limit each one to 40 photos.

A very welcoming sunset greets guests to the park!

The over 300-foot tall Christmas tree surrounding the Eiffel Tower replica in the park is the most attractive light display in the park! You can see it’s lights from almost any area!

The entrance in the park is filled with a scenic display on International Street! The Christmas tree is behind the Ice Skating Rink and trees are lighted up everywhere!

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill has great flood lights lighting up the building which really display well during WinterFest!

There are tons of different lights in the park! Lots of them are synchronized to music, while others have patterns of flashing or changing color!

The Kings Island WinterFest wreath! A very good symbol for the entire event!

The Merry Christmas sign and trees look awesome! They are positioned in the perfect spot with the Christmas tree in the. background!

The Christmas tree outside of the park looks even better once it’s lighted at night!

Thank you for viewing these photos! There are way more coming!

These photos consisted just one section of the photos I took! The other sections are of higher quality and better scenes are displayed!


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