Great Ohio Coaster Club Holiday Party Trip Report/Event Review! – December 8th, 2018

Today I will be sharing my GOCC Holiday Party Trip Report!

Every year, the Great Ohio Coaster Club has an annual holiday party in December. This year, the party was located at Stricker’s Grove, a small family amusement park in Hamilton, Ohio.

Many people have never heard of it because it is used primarily to rent out to groups such as companies, for picnics, etc.

Later that evening there was an informal meetup at Kings Island’s WinterFest, convenience it’s located only 30 minutes away from Stricker’s Grove.

At the Holiday Party, there are lots of presentations, door prizes, food, and fun!

I woke up at 5 a.m. that morning to make sure I had enough time to be ready, to arrive on-time.

The drive was around 4 hours, only 1/2 hour more then the drive to Kings Island.

Once I arrived around 10 a.m. there was lots of time for socialization.

Shortly after the opening for the party, the tour of Striker’s Grove began. People who attended as well as park representatives were able to walk around the park freely and take photos/videos.

The tour was very enjoyable and I was able to capture a lot from the park!

Once back inside, there was more time for socialization. Shortly after, one of the presentations began for Kentucky Kingdom.

The team from Kentucky Kingdom – Jessi O’Daniel, Adam Schweitzer, Mark Brunner, and Carly Uglow presented about their exciting new roller coaster and future projects/investments!

Shortly after, Don Helbig from Kings Island spoke. He mainly spoke about WinterFest and everything that happens during that time, as well as the removal of Firehawk. Briefly he also talked about the new Antique Cars for 2019.

Tony Clark spoke from Cedar Point. He discussed Winter Chill Out and how it will be a different experience for 2019. He also mentioned that CoasterMania! is on Friday, June 7th and tickets go on sale January 24th.

Once Tony concluded his presentation, dinner was served. For the 2018 Holiday Party the menu included marinated boneless chicken, roast beef, pasta with sauce, green beans with bacon and onions, tossed salad, pasta salad, assorted bread, green/black olives, pickles, cheese tray, dessert, soft drinks, pretzels, and chips! The dinner was fantastic! Great job to the Striker’s Grove team for preparing all of that!

During dinner there was a video presentation playing displaying photos from all of the events that occurred this year!

Micheal Graham from The Gravity Group had a presentation. He talked about the new roller coasters that will be added in the future and projects that the company is working on.

Pam Stricker presented and gave information on the park’s history and why the park now is open to the public for a few days every year.

Once the presentations concluded, the door prizes continued and the 50/50 raffle was drawn!

Once the Holiday Party concluded, almost 90% of the attendees were going to WinterFest at Kings Island!

WinterFest was awesome! I really enjoyed looking at all of the lights – which were amazing!

Mystic Timbers was awesome – I got to ride it two times during the night!

Flight of Fear was unfortunately closed when I wanted to ride it.

I was extremely cold later on and after taking tons of photos and videos of the park I decided to just leave.

I had an amazing day at Stricker’s Grove and Kings Island! The Holiday Party was awesome! Thank you to Stricker’s Grove for hosting the club and for all of the club officials who work hard to ensure a great experience for members!

For more information about the club, click here.


6 thoughts on “Great Ohio Coaster Club Holiday Party Trip Report/Event Review! – December 8th, 2018

  1. GOCC sounds like a great organization. It’d be nice if there was something like that in Georgia. You must live in northern Ohio because of the long drive to Kings Island. I also know you’re close to Cedar Point. How far are you from Michigan’s Adventure?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a great organization for those who want to participate in events like Coasterstock or CoasterMania!, and the club has several events too during the year. I am around 5 hours away from Michigan’s Adventure and yes, I am close to Cedar Point. It’s my home park!


      1. Cedar Point is a great home park to have. That 5 hour drive to Michigan’s Adventure sounds like it would be brutal though. I thought it’d be closer for some reason. My home park is Six Flags Over Georgia, which is about a 1 hour drive south of where I live. I feel like I’m pretty lucky with my location though, because Dollywood is a 3 hour drive north and Carowinds is a 3 hour drive north-east. I get a season pass for one of the three parks each year. For 2019, I got the Carowinds pass. Looking forward to Copperhead Strike.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I love Cedar Point as a home park! It’s not just roller coasters – there are tons of other fun things to do! I haven’t been to Michigan’s Adventure for 4 years, but am planning to return soon. That is a great location to be at as your home park is only an hour away and you have two other really good parks fairly close to you! Which one out of the three do you like the best? That is great, Carowinds is an amazing park! Once Copperhead Strike opens, I’m sure it will be a great addition to the park! I’m planning to visit hopefully all of those parks next year!


          1. I hope you can visit the southern parks too. They’re pretty good. As far as which park do I like the best, that is hard to answer. Carowinds has the best top 3 coasters. SFOG has the most good coasters/rides. Dollywood has the best overall atmosphere. All three parks are really good. I agree with what you said about Copperhead Strike. It should be a great addition to Carowinds (and a much needed addition to be honest).

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I have heard very good things about the southern parks! Carowinds and SFOG I have heard highly of! I have visited Carowinds and loved it! Dollywood from what I have heard definitely has the best park environment! Carowinds definitely needs that addition to add to their coaster line-up! Thanks for sharing!


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