Sights of WinterFest Kings Island! – December 2018

After visiting WinterFest at Kings Island the evening of the Great Ohio Coaster Club Holiday Party, I captured some great photos to showcase the park!

While there may be no leaves on any of the trees, leaving them without color, the warm bright lights really brighten them!

So many lights fill the park during the holiday season!

The Eiffel Tower Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the entire park! You can see it from almost everywhere!

Guests love Ice Skating on Kings Island’s Royal Fountains!

International Street looks amazing with Snow Flake Lake Ice Skating, the Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree, WinterFest Sign, lights, and trees!

At night the Christmas Tree that greets guests to the park is lighted up with variations of different light patterns!

Kings Island’s entrance is all decorated and ready for Christmas!

From outside the park, a very unique view of the Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree is shown! It looks amazing!


2 thoughts on “Sights of WinterFest Kings Island! – December 2018

  1. Hey Brandon! It’s Josh. Brandon and I sat next to you at the GOCC Holiday Party! It was great meeting you in person! Your videos and pictures have really helped us with our amusement park endeavors!

    We purchased a couple of your shirts are headed to Dollywood now for a few days! Would you like me to send you some pictures and pictures of us at the Lightning Rod wearing them?

    Hope you are doing good and staying warm!



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Josh! I remember that! The Holiday Party was great! It was awesome to meet you and Brandon! Thank you, I am glad you enjoy my content and it is useful to your amusement park journey!

      That is awesome! Thank you for supporting everything that I do! After all, 100% of the profit goes to charities, so it is all for a good cause! Sure, that would be awesome!

      Thanks, you too! Have fun at Dollywood – you’ll have a blast! I appreciate you viewing all my content and for leaving a nice comment!



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