Hersheypark’s 2020 150 Million Dollar Expansion!

I haven’t ever discussed or mentioned the new expansion that Hersheypark in Pennsylvania will receive in 2020! I am here to do that today, because I have been excited about it since it was announced!

Chocolatetown Entry Plaza_1538582147675.jpg_57766791_ver1.0_640_360.jpg
Photo by Hersheypark

On October 3, 2018, Hersheypark announced an expansion that will change the skyline and landscape of the front area of the park completely.

Many new experiences and facilities will be added to the park to improve the guest experience right when entering the park.

The new area is 23-acres and shapes “Hershey’s Chocolatetown”, what the new area will be called. The name fits the park well!

The new area is known to create a “passageway” between Chocolate World and the amusement park part of Hersheypark.

There are many highlights of the new area. There will be a new front entrance and the arrivals experience will be improved.

Also coming with the expansion will add the park’s 15th roller coaster! It will become the tallest, fastest, and longest at Hersheypark. No details have been released about the roller coaster. Hersheypark says it will be the “sweetest” coaster in the park. Construction will begin in January 2019.

From renderings of the ride and other looks at the area with the roller coaster in the background, it is most commonly known to be a B&M Hyper Coaster. It looks to have chocolate or a brown-colored track.

In addition, the park’s largest and flagship merchandise will be new. It will be 10,000 square foot and will sell clothing, toys, souvenirs, and more.

A new restaurant and bar with a patio on the second-story! It will feature signature meals, desserts, and cocktails.

An ice-cream parlor with exclusive creations will open with the expansion, adding a confectionary kitchen to watch candy-making.

A new fountain will be added to the park. “KISSES Fountain”.

A new home for the park’s 100-year old carousel will reside in the new area.

The project will be the largest capital investment for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. It will cost approximately $150 million dollars. Construction for the entire project will begin in early 2019.

The investment will be very beneficial for Hersheypark.

It will add a new roller coaster to the park, new dining options, a new fountain, merchandise store, and entrance improvements!

The entire project will improve many aspects of the park, making it something that will make the park better.