Coaster to Coaster 2019 Changes

Today, I have an announcement to share about 2019 for Coaster to Coaster.

Currently, I am working on the plan for content for this year. While there will be many familiarities from 2017 and 2018, there will be some changes.

I will be outlining those changes in this post, and providing the opportunity for people to lend feedback.

What’s Changing?

The things that will be changing this year include the following, based on the changes determined this year:

  • Changes in frequency of content
  • Changes in distribution of content
  • Changes in type of content
  • Changes in presentation for content
  • Changes in quality of content

What Does This Mean?

Evident by the list of things mentioned prior, it is obvious things are changing.

But… while people see what is changing, they need to understand the outcome and the “why” of the change. This is important to the success of Coaster to Coaster.

I have decided that while content needs to be produced regularly, I would like to start producing different type of content. For example, Park History, on my blog. Additionally, Abandoned Amusement Parks on my YouTube channel.

These series, while planning is in the making, and details have been set: There was one roadblock.

This type of content would take long to produce. For the blog post, it would take around 4 hours to completely research, plan, write, edit, and apply finishing touches.

Especially speaking for the YouTube series, it would take approximately 5 hours just to plan and research. These will include different presentation styles, making filming take longer. Furthermore, editing would take 30-40 hours for these videos, because of the high production value.

What does this mean? It means that this content would require extensive hard work. The blog will not really be affected at all. But the YouTube channel, will have a big effect.

The effect will affect the focus of the content, and will shift things.

Here is how three weeks will look on the YouTube channel in 2019:

All videos below are just examples, and may or may not be used for actual content.

Week 1

Tuesday: Cedar Point 2018 Cinematic Footage

Wednesday: Weekly Wednesday Livestream

Saturday: Kings Island History

Week 2

Wednesday: Weekly Wednesday Livestream

Friday: Kings Island 2018 Footage

Saturday: Kings Island 2018 Tips

Week 3

Wednesday: Cedar Point Vlog

Saturday: 50 Things to Do at Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt

So, for details, uploads will be around 2-3 videos per week. But, that includes livestreams.

Larger production videos like Abandoned Amusement Park, Things to Do, and Park History, as well as Remembering a Roller Coaster will take around 1 week to fully produce. These videos will be extremely high quality which is why they will take so long.

Smaller production videos like footage, vlogs, reviews, as well as tips will take around 1 day to produce. These videos will still have high quality but they will take a shorter amount of time.

The presentation style will have some major changes for 2019. I would like to try and keep it consistent.

Example: In 2018, some reviews would be recorded and some would be filmed. That does not provide familiarity to the series.

Vlogs: Filmed, of course

Reviews: Recorded

Footage: Filmed

Announcements: Filmed

Abandoned Amusement Parks: Combination of filming and recording

Merchandise Series: Filmed

Things to Do: Combination of filming and recording

Park History: Filmed

Remembering a Roller Coaster: Recorded

Tips: Filmed

Some special exceptions or changes may be made, but I would like the quality of the videos to drastically change.

In 2017, the editing needed some work. Filming, wasn’t the best. In 2018, the editing is much smoother and better. The filming needs some work to make the video better.

In 2019, the goal is to spend more time planning to ensure filming is a smooth process and will cause the best outcome for the video.

Thank you for reading. Please take 3-5 minutes to complete the 2018 Survey.

The input and data will all be used toward decisions to finalize and plan more details in 2018. All of the data applies to all content and services.

Click here to complete the survey.

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2 thoughts on “Coaster to Coaster 2019 Changes

  1. Looking forward to the new content. In the past, I would have said that you put out a little too much content. I do read what you’ve posted, but sometimes I didn’t really read everything. I prefer a great topic that is well written. Thankfully, you are a excellent writer. I like most of your content too. You are doing a great job with your site. Let me just give my opinion on something if you don’t mind. You do a lot of content on Cedar Point (your home park of course). I want to visit Cedar Point just like everyone else but there is so much about Cedar Point already on the coaster channels and internet. I’d like to see some content on other parks in the northern states. I know you’re limited on your travel to other parks so maybe my request isn’t feasible. It is just a suggestion. Have a great 2019 Brandon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I used to put out too much content. I am also working on doing more content focused on other parks too. My next 10 posts will all be about parks outside of Ohio, which I am excited about! Thanks for the feedback, this year I am doing more content outside of Cedar Point. This year I am visiting many more of the northern parks and I am excited to release content on these parks this month! Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment!


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