CoasterDynamix Mystic Timbers Nanocoaster January 2019 Review

Today, I will be reviewing CoasterDynamix models. So far, I have created a model of Mystic Timbers. That is the model that I will be basing my review off.

In the future, I will most likely make other models and make separate reviews for each, or eventually a combined review for CoasterDynamix as a whole.

CoasterDynamix makes models of roller coasters. Some are built using a lego base and the person puts together the support and track. Other models, the Nanocoaster that can only be found at amusement parks or online, are more pre-made with just using the track to put it in the tab slots on the base.

To start, I think the idea is very clever to create a roller coaster model of such type. They are very simple to assemble and create.

The parts are very high quality and are pretty simple to use. One thing I like about the Nanocoasters that can be purchased at amusement parks is that the track is stuck with hot glue to the paper, and the glaze covering.

It still isn’t difficult, but it makes it a little more challenging. It also is a bit difficult to get the tabs of the coaster into the slots on the base, because of the track layout of Mystic Timbers. But, after a few seconds of adjustment it got fixed.

I also really like the base of the model that comes with the coaster. It makes for a nice finish.

Other models are more complex and harder to build, but most models from amusement parks are pretty much pre-built.

I really like how the model I created was all created using a laser, making for a perfect finish on the track shape.

The model is very high-quality and built very well.

For some, however, it can be a little confusing if they do not know what layout the track will finish once completely assembled.

In addition, the models look very cool once they are done. Some models have a train that sits on the track.

For my recommendation, some people will enjoy the Nanocoaster models that can be bought at various amusement parks. If preference is to just easily assemble all of the parts, that is the way to go. Or, it can be a way to start off and then to move to other models.

Some people prefer actually assembling the parts. Buying CoasterDynamix models from their official website is the best option to choose from. Also, after building a Nanocoaster it is a good thing to try.

Nanocoasters can also be bought on the official CoasterDynamix website, however, it is more simpler and is not modeled after a real roller coaster (the layout, name).

For building the Mystic Timbers model, it only took approximately 15 minutes. This includes opening the packaging, quickly looking at the instructions, peeling off everything to uncover the base and track, assembling the ride, and finally, placing the sign/stations.

It is a very cool model and I highly recommend to try one of these models. I really enjoyed making the model. I will definitely try other models soon!

To visit the official CoasterDynamix website to view their products, click here.

Also be aware, Nanocoasters of roller coasters from amusement parks are sold on many popular shopping sites like Amazon or eBay. However, be aware that the price of the model is almost double for most models than when buying at the amusement park.

They have definitely made an improvement in the design and quality of their models from different things I have heard and read about models in the past. I have even seen the same model comparison, but the newer one is completely different and looks better.


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