What Is The Gravity Group?

Today, I will be answering the question: What Is The Gravity Group?

Many people have heard of the company, but do not know much more additional information. Some have never even heard of them.

First, if unaware, The Gravity Group is a roller coaster design firm. It was founded in July 2002 from the engineering team of Custom Coasters International. That firm is now defunct.

The designers at The Gravity Group are very balanced with backgrounds in civil, structural, and mechanical engineering.

The firm specializes in designing wooden roller coasters that are world-class using the newest technologies. Their goal is to design the roller coasters with the highest-quality engineers using the best practices.

They strive to build professional relationships with parks and suppliers in hopes to work on other projects with the same group of people.

The company has over 25 projects and additionally, has projects that will come in the future.

The first coaster designed by the firm was Hades at Mount Olympus Theme Park in 2005.

The Voyage at Holiday World, a highly rated wooden roller coaster that opened in 2006, was designed by the firm.

In 2007, the firm opened Boardwalk Bullet. It was built at Kemah Boardwalk and was the only wooden roller coaster in that area of Texas.

In 2008, The Gravity Group designed their own trains, called Timberliners.

An example of what Timberliner trains look like. Photo by The Gravity Group

The trains are developed using advanced technologies. They were designed to achieve the lowest ride maintenance needed, for larger consistent time for the operation. They were also designed to allow for a high capacity to keep lines moving on days with long lines. In addition, they were designed for a smooth, enjoyable ride experience.

The wheels on the trains pivot, allowing the cars of the train to steer around the track. The trains also put less stress on the track. Wheels are spread out to reduce force on the track.

Another very accommodable feature of the trains is that the company allows for customization. Parks have designed the trains to create different themes and looks.

Timberliners also enable advances in ride designs for wooden coasters. The trains articulate more allowing for tighter turns and versatility in the ride park.

All of the advances and motives of the company is very compelling to parks. Many smaller parks have had roller coasters designed by the company.

The engineers work to ensure that the coaster fits the budget and is worth the park’s time. The Gravity Group works hard to ensure the coaster layout fits within the allocated space, but without losing the desired ride elements.

Many notable recent projects include Oscar’s Wacky Taxi at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. The trains for the coaster are custom designed. The company worked hard to ensure the rider height was only 40 inches by making safe modifications to the ride.

Wood Express at Parc Saint Paul in France also opened in 2018. The ride has 13 moments of airtime and a custom locomotive-themed train front.

Mine Blower is another well-known example of one of The Gravity Group’s projects. The coaster opened in 2017 and has a zero-g inversion plus 12 moments of airtime. It has a very high rating among coaster enthusiasts.

Many people among the industry consider The Gravity Group coasters to be small. But with being small, they fit tons of unique elements and a good ride experience into a small space with a smaller cost.

The design of the Timberliners is especially good for parks looking for a new family coaster. Wooden coasters are classic and traditional.

The company also has a notable project coming in 2019 at Kentucky Kingdom. The ride had some delays from when the Kentucky State Fair Board would not grant part of the land needed to construct the ride. However, it is back on schedule and will be opening in April!

The company is definitely unique and stands out from other manufacturing and design firms for roller coasters.

To learn more about The Gravity Group’s and to look more in-depth at the companies current and past projects, visit their official website here.

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