Cedar Point Images of America Book Review!

One of my favorite things to do when I have free time (after actually finishing everything I need to), is reading.

I have read many books, especially related to amusement parks or roller coasters.

One of my all-time favorites is Cedar Point from the Images of America series. It is written by David W. and Diane DeMali Francis.

The book is absolutely outstanding and contains all factual information. The content of the book has been verified by multiple primary and secondary sources. It ensured the book was the most accurate it could possibly be.

I will be sharing my thoughts of the book and how the book compares to similar books for other amusement parks.

I think the book cover is very unique. It does not give off a bright and vibrant look. It is a great cover image because it provides an aerial view of what the park looked like.

It is very welcoming, making people sense that the facts and uncommonly known details of the park will be revealed.

Cedar Point has a very interesting history. Interesting in the sense that it is different from many traditional amusement parks. The park atmosphere and origin is quite different compared to other parks.

The book’s content is excellent. While the book only contains photographs with long captions below it and a few entirely written pages.

What I find that I most appreciate about the book are the photographs.

They are very well-aquatinted to the content. Images of America was an excellent series to pair Cedar Point with.

The photographs came from all different sources. It took an extended amount of time for the writers to find all of that information.

Photographs normally in a book, especially a Nonfiction book, are unnecessary. They add something to the information but is not needed.

In this specific book, the photos serve a very insightful purpose. While reading the captions and learning about the time period or ride, there is a photograph to look at. It shows what the park looked like at that specific time, and helps people understand the content.

The content itself in the book is very detailed but concise. The information is relevant to each photograph and connects to other photographs on the same window of pages. The layout is very organized and it is a very easy book to read.

The book expands deep into Cedar Point’s history. People learn about the beginning stages, even before it was considered an “amusement park”.

If not already aware, Cedar Point started as a family picnic spot on Lake Erie. The peninsula was transformed into a resort to make a profit, soon becoming a business.

The book has many photographs showing a timeline of what the park was like in the early stages to what it is like now.

It does a great job of outlining everything so people reading do not have to analyze the book very much to connect ideas and information.

Content in the book is very well-written to get the most important, factual information. Some information, in fact, was not included in the book. This is one of the many examples of ways the authors of the book researched carefully, ensuring only details that were 100% accurate were included.

The two authors discussed before how they pieced together all of the information. In addition, finding the photographs.

Information contained in the book with the images is very detailed. It includes facts and relevant information, comparing it to future and past attractions. It expands on what it did for the park to change it. Many rides that people would not sense from the early ages of Cedar Point have greatly impacted future attractions, influencing the park today.

The book not only has very important, but it captures how many important decisions and changes in leadership impacted the park.

In 1950 and 1951 shortly after The Great Depression, Cedar Point was extremely close to closing.

Leadership changes made a huge impact in the park. The book outlines what differences were about to come due to changes in owners of the park.

It also touches on when the park was acquired by Cedar Fair, how it changed the whole goals and practices of the park.

Cedar Point has had many changes over it’s almost 150 seasons. The book is an amazing resource to learn about the park’s history in a few hours.

The book, by the way, is not hard to read at all. It should be relatively easy for anyone over 8, with a little trouble with people below that age. Strong readers below 8-years old should be able to read it without trouble.

It is an excellent book with factual information. And way more information than Wikipedia has about the park!

Final Score: 10/10

The authors of the book did a FANTASTIC job researching and writing this book. The series that it is aquatinted to is perfect for it. It provides many facts and connections about the park that many people did not know.


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