Top 10 Underrated Coasters In My Opinion! – February 2019

Today I will be discussing my Top 10 Underrated Coasters as of February 2019. These roller coasters are ones that I have not heard high ratings for. They get a lot of hate in the roller coaster community.

Personally, all rides on this list are ones that I really enjoyed and are not enjoyed enough by the community. I ranked these based on how underrated they are and how much they exceeded my expectations. All coasters on this list are ones that I have currently ridden.

Number 10

Blue Streak

Cedar Point

Blue Streak is a roller coaster that I find to be a little bit underrated. While this roller coaster is definitely not the best ride ever, it is very overlooked. It is a classic ride and has a very historic history. It was named the Blue Streak because of a Sandusky High School team. The ride can be enjoyable and provide some floater airtime. While it is rough, it is a great ride. It is also the oldest operating roller coaster at Cedar Point.

Number 9

Shivering Timbers

Michigan’s Adventure

Shivering Timbers at Michigan’s Adventure is overlooked and does not get any attention at all. The coaster has some larger airtime hills which provide floater and a small amount of ejector airtime. It is also relatively smooth and has track work done on it frequently. Furthermore, it is a great ride.

Number 8


Kings Island

The Racer at Kings Island is a racing wooden coaster I find to be underrated.

The coaster is old and opened in first year of Kings Island’s creation. It was a very popular ride.

Since roller coasters have evolved and better rides started to appear at the park, it lost the public’s attention.

It is a really good ride and is very important to the history of the park.

While it is sometimes rough, making it unenjoyable for some, it is still a great ride.

The Racer is in good condition for its age. But, people do not recognize its importance as much as they used to.

Number 7

Carolina Cyclone


Carolina Cyclone is a roller coaster that I find to be sightly underrated.

People often skip it when visiting the park because they have heard that it was a terrible ride.

It was the first roller coaster to feature 4 inversions and has been an important part of the park’s history.

The coaster can be rough and rides can vary, but I think it is not appreciated as much as it should be.

Number 6



Another coaster at Carowinds that is not appreciated is Hurler.

Many consider the ride to be rough or unenjoyable.

I find the ride to be relatively smooth, have a good layout with some floater airtime at times.

I really enjoyed the ride and do not understand why the ride gets the hate that it does.

Number 5

Adventure Express

Kings Island

Adventure Express is a roller coaster that I find to be not getting enough attention as it deserves.

The coaster is very fun. While it is not an amazing roller coaster and is just a Arrow Dynamics coaster, it delivers a cool experience.

There is some theming to the ride and some portions of the ride are in unique areas of the park.

It is one of the coasters at Kings Island that completely exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed the ride!

Number 4

Wicked Twister

Cedar Point

Wicked Twister does not get the attention that it deserves.

The coaster is overlooked by many people and especially ones who have already rode the ride.

It is a really unique and cool ride. It delivers a experience that is unlike other roller coasters at Cedar Point.

I personally really enjoy this ride. It is awesome, but unfortunately it will most likely be closing in the coming years.

Number 3

Backlot Stunt Coaster

Kings Island

The Backlot Stunt Coaster at Kings Island is one of the rides that I find extremely underrated.

This coaster is relatively small but has great theming and cool elements. It is amazing to ride at night.

It is one of those coasters that I could ride all day and still have fun.

Number 2

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom is a coaster that I find to be underrated.

I never remembered the ride to be special or unique. That all changed when I rode it in 2018.

It has amazing theming and is a long ride with great turns and elements. For the type of coaster it is, the ride experience is fantastic.

Riding at night makes it a whole different than in the daytime… and improves the ride in my opinion!

Number 1

Magnum XL-200

Cedar Point

A ride either hated or loved by the coaster community.

No one can deny, this coaster started the “Coaster Wars”, a time when every park wanted the coaster with the best stats.

It also has great historic value to the park and is situated off of Lake Erie providing great views.

This coaster does not have very comfortable trains or airtime hills at the end of the ride.

This coaster is not appreciated especially or its historic value to all roller coasters or Cedar Point.

It also is just a fun coaster. The airtime hills provide crazy ejector airtime for a coaster 30 years old.

People disregard the most important factors of the ride when saying that it is terrible.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about ten roller coasters that I find underrated by the vast majority in the community.


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