Kentucky Flyer at Kentucky Kingdom February 2019 Construction Update

Kentucky Flyer is a new wooden roller coaster from The Gravity Group coming to Kentucky Kingdom in 2019! 

The coaster will be opening at the end of April which is just around 2 months from the end of February. 

While the contractors constructing the ride have made lots of progress, the ride is still not fully completed. 

On Saturday, February 16th, Kentucky Kingdom hosted King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough. It is an event where around one-hundered roller coaster enthusiasts can visit the park to see it in the Winter and see construction happenings.

This year, the highlight of the event was Kentucky Flyer. This post is a Construction Update covering Kentucky Flyer. I have taken photos from numorous locations to capture the work complete and the work unfinished on the ride.

Workers were present and working on the ride during the event. I captured moments where the workers were working and assembling things on the ride.


DSCN8491DSCN8493DSCN8497The station for Kentucky Kingdom is unfinished. The only thing that has been completed is the framework with beams and supports.


The lift hill of the coaster has been assembled with supports and the base of the track. There is still remaining track work to be completed. The track ascending the lift hill is unfinished and once it is fnished, the chain will be installed.

After the lift hill, the airtime hill with the bank to the right is mostly finished. The second airtime hill to the left is mostly finished but there is still some track that is yet to be installed.


The path to enter and exit the coaster has not been completely finished yet. In addition, track at the end of the course of the ride is unfinished. Mostly complete but there is still work to be done.


This photo gives a closer look at the final airtime hill on the coaster leading into the break run. When looking closely, it is apparent that thee track is not fully complete. There is still wood that needs to be placed and assembled.

A distant view of the Kentucky Flyer roller coaster with the lift hill and some airtime hills.


Crews are installing track and supports on the ride. Near the turnaround of the coaster, footers and supports are being placed to prepare for the track to be installed. There were around 15 workers that could be seen working on the coaster. These photos show an outline of what work is complete and what work is being completed currently.

Kentucky Kingdom’s new roller coaster is coming along very nicely.

While there is still a lot of work to be completed, a majority of the project has already been completed.

I cannot to ride the coaster when it opens in April!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post showing an update of the current construction progress of Kentucky Flyer! Thank you very much for reading!

Make sure you stay tuned for the following post to be released from my visit to Kentucky Kingdom:

  1. King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough at Kentucky Kingdom 2019 Trip Report/Event Review


5 thoughts on “Kentucky Flyer at Kentucky Kingdom February 2019 Construction Update

  1. Kentucky Flyer seems to be pretty small from the photos. I don’t know much about it but I’m guessing it’s a family coaster. It looks nice though.


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