Sights of King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough at Kentucky Kingdom 2019!

I had the opportunity to head to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, February 16th to attend King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough!

The event is held by the park and is limited to around 100 different enthusiasts, bloggers, and people of interest in the industry.

Of course, part of the event is walking through the park during the Winter. There was no snow, but it was unique to see the behind-the-scenes work that is happening during this time of year.

A separate blog post will be released where I will share my thoughts of the event and describe my experience. The full group was split up into two and each had a slightly different path.

Additionally, another seeparate blog post will be released as a Construction Update of Kentucky Flyer. In this post, limited photos of Kentucky Flyer will be present, the new 2019 roller coaster being added to Kentucky Kingdom. This will allow focus to be put on Kentucky Flyer in the other post.

I hope you enjoy seeing the things that I got to experience at this event!

At the start of the tour, we were near a maintneance and greenhouse shop outside of the park. The area provided for excellent views of T3, one of the park’s roller coasters.
Another view of T3 as the group entered the park and began the tour!

After we were in an employee and office building for the presentation, Scream Extreme was the first stop on our tour. This flat ride replaced Enterprise in 2018.

As we entered the park, it provided for a great view of Deluge, the park’s water coaster.

We were taken into King Louie’s Playland and saw the rides and attractions during the Winter time. We also saw Rock ‘n’ Roller which is being moved from its location (near Lightning Run) to the middle of King Louie’s Playland. In addition, two kids rides have closed and will not open for the 2019 season.

We were shown the operations and management buildings where calls and emails are managed. We then went to the front of the park and got to experience the morning process of what employees do before the park opens.

We saw Lightning Run up close. We got to walk slightly in the queue providing for a good photo and video opportunity. After Lightning Run, we crossed the street to get to the other side of the park.

Once we crossed the walkway to the other side of the park, we could see a lot of Hurricane Bay in the distance… in the Winter!

A view of Lightning Run from the other side of the park. When this photo was taken, our tour guides (Jessi and Carly) were sharing stories of being an employee at the park.

We passed the Bayou Cafe, which serves Burgers, Fries, Chicken Tenders, Grilled Chicken, Pizza, and more.

We stopped at this spot because Frightfully Funny Fire Engine is not returning for the 2019 season and has closed. We also saw an office building and learned which specific floors was for a certain department.

We were taken near Storm Chaser and got to go to an area where the public is not allowed. It gave the opportunity for excellent photos of the ride!

We walked back to Thunder Run, the park’s only current wooden coaster. That will change in 2019 with the addition of Kentucky Flyer. Nevertheless, we got great views of the track work being completed on the ride.

We then got to take photos of the park surroundings from Hurricane Bay, Kentucky Kingdom’s water park.

Hurricane Bay Beach Club is a great place to stop on a hot, summer day to cool off and refresh yourself. Many different beverages are sold. It looks very different in the Winter!

We walked up to Wave Runner and Deep Water Dive! It allowed for very cool photos of both Kentucky Flyer and the entire park! It also gave a great view of Louisville!

At the end of the event, our group was taken to the pavillions where the ride trains/vehicles are stored for the winter. I was able to see many flat and kid rides, as well as some of the roller coaster trains!

Overall, the event was very well done. I enjoyed being able to walk around the park and see everything in the Winter.

I was also surprised by how much construction work and other general work was being done on a Saturday at the park.

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that people got to see at the park.

Stay tuned for the following posts coming soon from this event:

  1. King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough at Kentucky Kingdom 2019 Trip Report/Event Review
  2. Kentucky Flyer at Kentucky Kingdom – February 2019 Construction Update


4 thoughts on “Sights of King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough at Kentucky Kingdom 2019!

    1. Thank you for reading! I am glad you enjoyed the photos! Make sure to check out the Kentucky Flyer Construction Update when it comes out with more photos of the new roller coaster coming to Kentucky Kingdom!


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