King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough at Kentucky Kingdom 2019 Trip Report/Event Review

Kentucky Kingdom invited around 100 roller coaster enthusiasts to the park on Saturday, February 16th.

The event is called “King Louie’s Winter Walkthrough”. At the event, guests get to see the park in the winter and what it looks like. In addition, a new attraction or addition for the year is shown with the current progress.

This year, the highlight of the event was seeing Kentucky Flyer, a new roller coaster coming to the park at the end of April.

I previously published two other blog posts about this event. One was Sights of the park and the other was a Construction Update of Kentucky Flyer. Both of those articles primarily was dedicated to photos showcasing the event.

In this post, I will be describing the event and will include my thoughts and opinions (informal review-style).

I hope you enjoy this post! Make sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments.

All of the guests arrived just before 10 a.m. near T3 and some of the maintenance buildings for the park.

We were let into the park where an employee checked everyone’s name off or scanned their ticket for entry to the event.

Tickets sold out fast for the event. The number of spots reserved is very small, and the event sold out in less than half of a day!

Everyone was taken into a building across the street where the presentation was held in a room where employee training and tests take place.

A machinery show in the fairgrounds near the park caused many traffic issues. We waited for the remaining guests to arrive at the park.

Refreshments and donuts/bagels were provided by the park while everyone socialized.

Around 20 minutes later, the presentation began. It was the same slideshow that was shown at the GOCC Holiday Party back in December of 2018.

The highlight of the presentation was the trailer video for Kentucky Flyer and the news stories with the problems with the Kentucky State Fair Board. They own the land which the park leases to construct on.

It was announced that Loony Balloony and Frightfully Funny Fire Engine have been removed and are now closed. Rock ‘n’ Roller’s location has been moved. New food options will appear this season with t-shirts and apparel for past rides at the park.

Everyone had an opportunity to have their questions answered. Trivia also followed that. Tickets and prizes were being given to people with the correct answer. Some were very knowledgeable about the park and its history.

Guests were allowed to use the restroom before entering the park.

The whole group was split into two. My group stopped at Scream Extreme first to recognize that it opened in 2018, replacing Enterprise. Some asked when it opened, so they were not aware of it. After, we were taken to King Louie’s Playland to recognize the changing of specific attractions.

Our group was shown the procedure of employees in the morning. They stretch, hear a word of advice, have a motto to cheer, and then start their day.

It was explained to everyone the operations and management buildings and their purposes. We also learned that Kentucky Kingdom tried to obtain records of past communication from the previous operator when they opened. That failed, and they have a building to keep records and to serve as a center for communication.

We were taken to Lightning Run to get some photos. After, we crossed the bridge separating the different sections of the park. We were led to Storm Chaser to take photos. After, we saw the turnaround of Thunder Run to see the construction and re-tracking of the coaster.

Then, our group was free to take photos around Hurricane Bay. We then went to the construction site of Kentucky Flyer near the station. It provided for different views of the coaster.

After, we climbed up Wave Runner and Deep Water Dive for a view of the whole park and Kentucky Flyer. We were then taken to the slides nearest to Kentucky Flyer to get more photos at a different perspective. Finally, we were taken to the pavilions for photos of the ride vehicles stored there. That concluded the event.

Now, onto my thoughts for the event.

I think the event was very well done. It provided the opportunity to see almost all of the park and focus on the most important things.

The event was very well structured, with time to take photos and to see everything. There were very many opportunities to ask questions and to learn more about the park.

In addition, I really enjoyed the event overall. I think one thing to improve is to ensure that the experience is not too different between groups.

Again, thank you to Kentucky Kingdom for hosting the event and to Jessi, Carly, Mark, and Adam for taking time out of your Saturday’s to host the event.

Total Score: 9.5/10


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