Cedar Point Introduces New Festival and Food Options for 2019!

Cedar Point announced new additions for the 2019 season that people may not have been expecting.

If you were not already aware, Witches’ Wheel, an enterprise ride at the park closed at the end of last season.

Since the plot of land is not very large with Magnum and Gemini very close to the area, there is not much room for a ride.

witches wheel
Witches’ Wheel in operation. This is an outline of the land area where a new restaurant will be built and will open this season. Trees have been cut down and the plot of land will be modified to fit the size of the building. However, notice that there is not very much space for anything.

Some people suspected a new restaurant would come there. The park started hiring chefs a few years back to enhance the food quality at the park.

The restaurant is called BackBeatQue. It will combine live music and smokehouse barbeque as a rock ‘n’ roll themed building. Smoked brisket, rotisserie chicken, pork platters, and fresh perch are a sample of the main foods. In addition, okra, cornbread muffins, and mac & cheese will be some sides offered. 

For my thoughts, I think the land is being repurposed well. Tbe park is in need for a full-service restaurant with excellent food. With the new chefs, they are making improvements to change the eating experience at the park. 

This new restaurant is a good step towards accomplishing that goal for the park.

A few weeks back, Cedar Point quietly removed Midway Market near the Raptor.

It was a buffet-style restaurant that some people ate at. In the past few years, popularity has decreased. Furthermore, the complimented reviews and quality decreased. 

The new restaurant will bring something to the table completely different from before. Hugo’s Italian Kitchen, will serve traditional Italian food.

Why are people shocked and why is it very weird? First, Cedar Point does not have many meal-quality locations. In addition, many amusement parks do not have an Italian restaurant. It is unlike anything Cedar Point has ever done before.

Highlights of the menu include hand-made pasta, fresh pizzas, chicken parmesan sandwiches, salads, meatball sandwiches, and fresh desserts.

My thoughts on this new location is that if the food is of good quality, it will attract a lot of guests. It could drive tons of revenue and profit.

In addiition, Cedar Point wll host the Frontier Festival, an Old West and sunflower-inspired street festival filled with crafts, artisans, games, live entertainment, and plenty of food and beverages to try.

It is similar to Brew and BBQ which will not be held this year. This is a larger-scale, higher approach to the type of event that the park held in the past few years.

Instead of just attracting primarily adults to enjoy the event, this year the park is taking a whole new approach.

Live music from the Bluegrass Jamboree and local bands will play on the Gossip Gulch Stage. Square-dancing lessons at the Hubbub Hoedown and see the Frontier Townsfolk for photos.

This is nothing like the park has ever done.

Specialty food options such as barbeque baked beans, chili, pulled porrk sliders, roasted chicken drums, smoked wings, toasted sunflower vinegar slaw, smoked brisket, wild strawberry shortcake, peaches & cream, and other options.

Craft brews, ciders, wines, and lemonades will be avaliable. Includes alchoholic and non-alchoholic drinks.

These new events will change Cedar Point’s food reputation and add quality to the park. I cannot wait to try out these new restaurants when the park opens in a few months!


2 thoughts on “Cedar Point Introduces New Festival and Food Options for 2019!

  1. I doubt they said anything about sticker prices for the new food offerings. Seeing what the park already charges for just a slice of cheese & pepperoni pizza, —- the new offerings are going to be VERY expensive.
    You mentioned that more trees have been removed for the new construction, I think the park will soon be charging for shade too! They really need to plant some new ones before everything is covered with concrete.


    1. That is a very valid point. The new options will definitely be very expensive. I hope the park plants more tress especially in the front of the park, as they are really needed. In my viewpoint, certain areas of the park either have too much shade or not enough shade at all. Thank you for reading!


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