Sights of Winter Chill Out 2019 at Cedar Point!

On Saturday, February 23rd, I visited Cedar Point for their annual Winter Chill Out event.

For a $50 donation to A Kid Again (which was the ticket price), it included a 5-hour self-guided tour of the park with 10 different experience locations. It also included lunch, and a presentation/Q&A.

While I was at the park I took photos sharing what it looks like inside the park and of the construction taking place.

This post will focus on the 10 tour stops. I made a Trip Report/Event Review from the event too which you can check out. In addition, I will make a post dedicated to Sights of the Amazement Shop which was part of the tour, but is outside of the park. Stay tuned for that post.

I hope you enjoy!

The front of the park. Notice that the Midway Carousel is completely boarded up for the Winter.

This building which housed Midway Market is being repurposed for Hugo’s Italian Kitchen. It will be a new Italian restaurant that will feature pizza’s, pastas, and other traditional homemade food. Vegan, gluten-free, etc. options will be avaliable.


Raptor’s entrance during the Winter. The test seat is covered, but almost everything else is the same. Of course, there are no riders during the off-season present.

The landscaping beds in the park are empty. Normally there are flowers and other plants on them for the season, which of course, is not there because the park is closed.


A view of Blue Streak and Raptor from the Main Midway!


A view of the Blue Streak behind the Park Services Warehouse!


Cedar Point’s Park Services Warehouse where materials used to clean and complete tasks around the park are stored!


A view of Raptor and Blue Streak from the pathway to get to the Park Services Warehouse!


The Lakeside Midway looks quite different during the Winter with the vehicles on Tiki Twirl not in place. The Giant Wheel cabins were taken off for the Winter and are no longer on the wheel.



Walking through Planet Snoopy and Kiddy Kingdom to find rides covered with plastic wrap. The area looks completely different in the Winter.


Matterhorn’s vehicles that were taken off of the ride to be inspected, repaired, and cleaned to prepare them for riders when the park opens in May!


The parking lot of Hotel Breakers with the Cedar Point Water Tower and a view of some of the rides at the park!


The Breakers East Conference Center where new merchandise was sold to attendees of the event before they appear in the park this year.


Another track piece of Iron Dragon will be replaced this season. The coaster looks almost the same except some of the water in the lagoon has clearly been drained out. The remaining water froze.


Power Tower looks almost the same, except the ride vehicles are missing. Hmmm… where could they be?


Top Thrill Dragster’s trains are all set ouut near the station for viewing. Also, they will soon be ready to be put back on the track.

Super Himalaya looks quite different with no exit doors, plus the vehicles have been taken out for repair and to protect them from the weather.

This food location under the Dragster viewing bleachers is completely boarded up for the Winter.

Another Dippin’ Dots location, but covered using a large tarp/bag. This looks to be easier and less costly than the plastic wrap on one of the other locations I saw on the Frontier Trail.

Looking to the left, you can see that on Cedar Point’s newer trash cans, garbage bags are used to cover the opening of the can. At the Pretzel stand, it really isn’t much different. The roll-down door covers the windows. Also notice that park benches are stored under there just to keep them in better condition than they would be completely exposed to the weather. To the right, the lockers are covered up. I honestly am not sure why since it is already protected.


Construction for one of Cedar Point’s new restaurants, BackBeatQue. This will serve different foods all featuring barbeque. It replaces the Witches’ Wheel and will have outdoor seating with Live Entertainment.


The Gemini Midway looks very similar and different. Many lights and other fixtures, plus parts of rides are covered for the cold and snowy months. Some rides do not have the vehicles still attached to the base. Specific rides are easier to leave the vehicles and cover them, but others are easier to take off. Normally the manufacturer of the ride has recommendations for this decision.


The Cedar Point Sign shop is where the park designs and crafts the hand-made signs for the park. They are also re-painted and fixed as needed. Old signs and antiques from the park are also inside the building, showing off some of Cedar Point’s past history. Props from HalloWeekends and other things are also stored inside for the Winter.

This looks quite different and weird in the Winter. This stage is where the Bluegrass Jamboree plays and other FrontierTown Live Entertainment. All of the benches to sit on are covered up.

The Roundup is not really much different from the closing of the park for the day. The windows are covered with those roll-down doors. It looks just like when the park closes it during the regular season.

Maverick’s normal look, but different. There is some snow near Maverick. Also, the test seat is covered with heavy-duty plastic wrap.


I just had to walk near Steel Vengeance to see it during the off-season. The only difference… you could not hear the lockers opening and closing, hear the coaster through its course, or even hear people in the station. Also, the park has pouches on the trains for cell phones this year so the No Cell Phone Policy sign will be removed.


The signs and banners from HalloWeekends (the park’s Halloween event in September and October) are still up during the Winter. They are normally present until around April when they are taken down and the new advertisement and promotion banners appear.


Maverick is still standing over the lagoon as usual, but most of the water has froze. The cycle from the season to the off-season is almost over. Once the temperatures warm up the normal lagoon-look for the season will return: a hint that the park will open soon!

Snake River Falls looks very different in the Winter. The area where all of the water is drained out. There is still water left, probably from ice or snow.


While FrontierTown looks quite different in the off-season, there are the normal traits and things that are still recognizable to be like the regular season.


Cedar Point uses plastic wrap to cover up things that are left outside during the Winter months. Dippin’ Dots and an old operated train at the park on display are covered to protect them from snow and wind.


Millennium Force is more visible without leaves on the trees. It is unnoticable at first, but once you compare it from the Summer to the Winter there is quite a difference.

Thanks you for checking out the photos I shared from the event!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment to share your thoughts.


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