Sights of Cedar Point’s Maintenance Shops! – February 2019

Cedar Point has two different maintenance shops. One of the shops is located in the park and is where maintenance is done during the season for different rides and roller coasters. It is also used during the Winter for specific types of rides.

During the off-season the park does not have enough room in their one maintenance shop. A few years ago the park purchased a old car dealership building on Cleveland Road just outside of the park to balance the different roller coasters that the park has.

The entrance to the Cedar Point Maintenance Shop on Cleveland Road which is called The Amazement Shop!

There are many different tools and equipment inside the Cedar Point Maintenance Shops to ensure all the coasters are safer!

Top Thrill Dragster cars were taken apart and reassembled to prepare for the upcoming season!

One car of Cedar Point´s former roller coaster, Mean Streak! It closed in 2016 to make way for Steel Vengeance!

Inside the Amazement Shop, people are working on painting the former Tilt-a-Whirl which will be rethemed to become Linus’ Beetle Bugs this upcoming season!

Inside of Cedar Point’s Maintenance Shop located inside the park. Workers take apart the coasters and rides of the park checking every park and making sure that the rides are safe to open for the upcoming season!

One of the cars of the Magnum XL-200 which has already been inspected and taken apart. Then, it was reassembled and is ready to be put on the tracks for the season.

Steel Vengeance cars outside of the Amazement Shop. Some of them have already completed maintenance, but some are inside the shop being worked on for the season.

One of Cedar Creek Mine Ride’s cars that is being taken apart and inspected ensuring it is safe for operation.

A view of the Amazement Shop. The park has lots of different parts and wheels for the different types of roller coasters they maintenance. Arrow, B&M, RMC, Vekoma, and Intamin are the main types of coasters that are serviced in the building.

Midway Carousel’s horses are getting cleanedand inspected before being put back on the base of the ride!

Many different tools and equipment is used to repair track and other components on Cedar Point’s rides!

Maverick’s trains inside the Cedar Point Maintenance Shop getting inspected to be ready for riders this year!

Iron Dragon, an Arrow Dynamics roller coaster. The cars are being worked on at the shop and will be ready to travel to the park once maintenance is complete.

Raptor´s trains are getting taken apart and cleaned to prepare for the 2019 season!

Woodstock Express cars that are being repaired to be ready for those Junior thrill-seekers to ride in the Summer!

These are some of the different types of wheels that are used on roller coasters. They take them apart and inspect every piece of it. They also replace different wheels based on the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Wilderness Run has already been finished and has been inspected and put back together. It’s now ready to be put back on the track for the ride to open in a few months.

One of Corkscrew’s cars that was repainted to give it a modern, retro look making it resemble the 1970s when the coaster was built!

Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope you learned about the different maintenance shops that Cedar Point has to keep all of the rides in good condition.

These shops are vital to keeping all of the rides in the park in good working condition and safe for riders once the park opens in early May.


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