What is Arrow Dynamics?

Arrow Dynamics was a former roller coaster design and manufacturing company. It was founded in 1986 and its predecessor was Arrow Development Company and Arrow Huss, which too involved Ron Toomer, which was a key person for the company.

Arrow Dynamics and its predecessors made very influential advancements and achievements in the amusement/theme park industry.

Tubular track and other new trendy ride systems were built by the company and were the first of their kind, some still used today.

Arrow Development, its predecessor, introduced the first corkscrew-style track at Knott’s Berry Farm.

The Bat in 1981 was the first suspended roller coaster. Magnum XL-200 opened in 1989 as the first hyper roller coaster. X2 was also built by the company as the first 4th dimension roller coaster.

S&S Worldwide, now known as S&S Sansei Technologies, purchased their remaining assets. That took away the remainder of the company after they changed ownership several times and went bankrupt two different times during the company’s lifetime.

The company is most known for their achievements with roller coasters that are still operating today and what they accomplished over the years. S&S Worldwide has acquired to become S&S Sansei Technologies, the original assets from Arrow Dynamics and their predecessors have mostly faded.


3 thoughts on “What is Arrow Dynamics?

  1. I respect what Arrow did for the industry so much. I think a lot of their coaster layouts were very well done. If only all the Loopers could have had the same track type and supports of Tennessee Tornado. Arrow would still be in business today and going strong. I’m sorry that my reply has taken so long Brandon. I have been working some crazy hours the last three weeks (I worked 72 hours just last week) and I have not felt like doing much of anything. I still read your posts when I get on the internet though. Oh, congrats on the Cedar Point video on YouTube getting so many views. I liked the behind the scenes aspect of the video.


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