Carowinds Opening Sunday 2019 Trip Report!

I got up around 7:30 a.m., got ready, ate breakfast, and headed out to the park.

Carowinds opened the parking tolls around 30 minutes before park opening so it allowed for getting to the park easier.

Once inside of the park, anticipating smaller crowds compared to yesterday, I headed to Fury 325.

I was one of the first in line. The ride was not testing or open when I got in line. I waited around an hour. They finally started testing and let everyone in line inside the queue. Once they dispatched one train the previous problems they had persisted.

Finally, I left the queue line because the problems were expected to take hours to fix. That was true as the ride did not open until around 1 p.m.

Instead I headed to Carolina Goldrusher which had a very short wait. I enjoyed the ride a bit more than my previous ride.

Then, I went over to Copperhead Strike and rode it. It said a 30 minute wait on the park app when I checked, ended up being a 1.5 hour wait, but said it was a 2 hour wait on the app after.

Nonetheless, the ride was much better than before. It had phenomenal hangtime and some great ejector airtime. I rode in the back row which delivered an excellent ride experience.

I then got Dippin’ Dots after being very hungry. I rarely get it but very much enjoy it. I got the Cookies n’ Cream flavor.

I then ate at Papa Luigi’s and the pizza was pretty good. I was going to eat at Chickie’s and Pete’s (one of my favorites at Cedar Point) but found that it is not a sit-down restaurant and the menu was insanely limited.

One thing I would like to point out is that the park does not have many sit-down restaurants at all compared to the other Cedar Fair parks.

They also struggle to get their rides operating for the park’s opening time. I imagine for the early ride times (where specific rides are open early) that it is even worse.

Those are two main areas that the park lacked I felt during this visit. More on that in future content.

I then rode Fury 325 and found myself waiting an hour for it. I was not too happy since I had already waited long for it and did not have the opportunity to ride it.

I rode the Intimidator and had a much better ride compared to my rides on Saturday. It was more forceful and had stronger airtime.

Then, I got a Java Chip Frappuccino after finding myself hungry again.

I then proceeded to ride Fury 325 again. The wait was around 30 minutes which was shorter than the last time.

Just like Saturday, Nighthawk and Hurler were closed basically the entire day. When in the area near the ride or when seeing them open from the Wait Time app, I hurried over to them. Every time (totaling around 20 across both rides) they broke down when I got to them.

Not very happy about that.

I rode Fury 325 again before heading out of the park to get something to eat at Cracker Barrel. It was very delicious.

When we came back to the park, they made us get a hand stamp at guest services to ”validate” we were at the park. They did not do that on Saturday

Once I came back to the park after dinner I had around 45 minutes to ride. I rode Fury 325 a total of three times.

The first ride was in the back row which was amazing. I went back through the queue and walked back to ride in the middle. No one was in the row for the next dispatch so I stayed on.

That concluded my entire Carowinds Spring Break 2019 Trip. I had an amazing time visiting with relatives and going to the park!

Thank you for reading this post!

Stay tuned for new content coming soon! I have Carowinds Sights, Vlogs, and other content on the way. They will all come out in the next week, so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Carowinds Opening Sunday 2019 Trip Report!

  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip. Sorry that you had to wait so much during the day. That happens sometimes. I always get Dippin Dots, and it is usually Cookies and Cream. Good stuff. I went to Dollywood this past Wednesday and I was shocked by the crowd. It was very busy. All the eating places had long lines. Thankfully, most of the rides had good operations. The longest wait that I had was Lightning Rod at 45 minuets. By the way, Lightning Rod was hauling butt. It was super smooth too and I got off thinking it could be my new #1 coaster. When I ride Fury again, I’ll probably put it back at #1 though. Mystery Mine was down for the day, probably because of construction for Wildwood Groove was very close to the coaster. I guess I’m going back this Wednesday. Take care Brandon. You have a good day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading the posts I have produced so far from my trip to Carowinds! I am not a fan of extremely long lines but I do not mind waits under 2 hours. Dippin’ Dots is very good and I just read about how they produce and package them which is very interesting. Waits for roller coasters really depend on the operation speed. I hope you have fun at Dollywood on Wednesday. Have a good evening and take care.


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