Sights of Carowinds! – March 2019

Today I am sharing Sights of Carowinds from March 2019! I visited the park last weekend mainly to ride Copperhead Strike, the park’s new Mack roller coaster.

I went around the park and crafted all of these photos with the best sights of the park and of the park’s new roller coaster.

I hope you enjoy the photos that are displayed in this blog post. I also tried some different display formats than usual to better fit the contents.

Copperhead Strike

I took a ton of photos of Copperhead Strike. That is Carowinds’ new roller coaster for 2019 and is the reason many visitors are coming to the park this year.

The ride was constucted by Mack Rides from Germany and is a Double-Launch roller coaster. It is a great addition to the park and favored by many.

All of the photos in the gallery relate to the coaster. Due to this, I thought it would be practical to include a small description for each photo detailing the section of the ride. This way, the Sights could focus on the specific part of the ride to give more information about what is shown in the photo.

The Copperhead Strike roller coaster and ride experience is not only very impressive, but the theming around the ride and inside the queue line is too.

Compared to many other Cedar Fair parks (most have little to no theming – at least not noticeable) the queue line has a lot of theming that relates to the ride.

It is very noticeable and is a nice touch and fit for the coaster’s theme. It also looks well done, not like it was put together in 5-minutes. Many other roller coasters that have some theming in the park or at Carowinds’ sister parks, they look like it took a very short amount of time. Meaning, they looked rushed and not done well.

The Intimidator roller coaster is a Bolliger and Mabillard Hyper roller coaster. A Hyper coaster has a lift hill over 200-feet but not over 300-feet.

The ride has some theming to Dale Earnhardt – a racecar driver. The coaster has good trains and the color scheme fits the theme.

Carowinds has a great themed area for kids! Camp Snoopy – like many other Cedar Fair parks has kids rides, food, and shops.

It also has great landscaping and some unique sights around the area. I never noticed some of the sights in my other visits but I really explored the area during my visit this year. The park does a really nice job in their area. I think it may even be better than Kings Island’s kid areas.

Kings Island won the Golden Ticket Awards for Best Kids Area since 1998. I thought that they had the Best Kids Area but I think that Carowinds may have a better one since it is not focused on just the rides. Remember the balance of an amusement park from a few posts back? That is why I think that it is such a wonderful area.

Carowinds’ Juke Box Diner. While the food at this location is not the best the outside of the restaurant and the vehicles outside look appealing.

Just like Cedar Point’s Coasters Drive-In and many other similar Cedar Fair locations they look very appealing but the food is not very high-quality.

I wanted to get a photo with Hurler in the background like I did in 2018 (it looks cool with the outside of the diner) but it was closed almost the entire time. The only time during my trip that it was open was for an hour on Saturday night.

Nighthawk, a Vekoma Flying roller coaster. This coaster breaks down a lot and is the reason I have yet to get the credit for this ride. I really like the color scheme though. It stands out among the other rides in the park.

The entrance of Carowinds during Sunset. One of the cool things about the entrance of the park is that the Fury 325 roller coaster that opened in 2015 greets guests. The coaster enters both North and South Carolina – bringing the winds of the Carolina’s together. That’s why the park is called “Carowinds”. The entrance of the park really represents that.

The Fury 325 roller coaster. It was constructed in 2015 by Bolliger and Mabillard – the same company that built Intimidator. It is a Giga coaster which means that the height of the lift hill is greater than 300-feet but less than 400-feet.

This coaster won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2015, it won the Best New Ride in the same award venue.

It is an award-winning ride and is very intense. It is highly ranked by many people.

The name and color scheme for the coaster is very suitable to the coaster. Almost everyone who rides it loves the ride. Many think it is the best roller coaster in the entire park – even with Copperhead Strike now open in 2019.

One of the things that I find very unique about Carowinds is the postcards that can be found around the park.

Of course, they all are imaginary advertisements to something in the park but I find them a nice attribute to the park.

You do not really see something like this at many other amusement or theme parks – making it special.

Inside Carowinds there are a lot of ponds and water in different forms around the park.

Near those areas there are a lot of awesome sights that can be seen if guests take a moment to enjoy it.

Looking for some candy to take home? The Carolina Candy Shoppe has got you covered. Stop in today for delicious candy.

Kiddy Hawk, a Vekoma Suspended Family roller coaster. It was surprisingly closed my entire visit. I like the color scheme of the ride except for the supports – they are too dull in my opinion.

Ricochet is a Wild Mouse roller coaster. These types of coasters are very fun and forceful! They provide good airtime too. Due to the rapid turns and drops, you feel like you are going to fall out of the ride. It is enjoyed by many families and non-thrill seeker guests.
Hurler, a Stand-Up roller coaster. It is surprising that the park has not converted the coaster into a floorless coaster. The coaster has some differing opinions – some find it okay, while others find it brutal. The restraints are not the most comfortable and there is definitely headbanging on the ride.

Carowinds has great landscaping. Flowers lining themed areas of the park present a great feel.

Carousel Park is another themed area inside of Carowinds. In the area the main attraction is The Grand Carousel.

It was built in 1923 and is the oldest ride in the park. It was built during a time known as the “carousel golden age”. During this time period, carousels were being built all over the United States.

It was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and is #67 out of 87 made. It is a popular historic attraction and still enjoyed today at Carowinds.

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the photos that I took while sight-seeing at Carowinds.

I really enjoy taking in all of the different things at different amusement parks. I spend hours finding the best shots around the park to share as unique parts of the park.

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4 thoughts on “Sights of Carowinds! – March 2019

  1. Man, you took a lot of great photo’s. I’m looking forward to using my gold pass at Carowinds this year. Glad I didn’t go today though. A lot of negatives being said right now about the operations today (3/29/19). People are saying that only 25% of the rides are in operation today. I guess it happens to most theme parks sooner or later. Oh well, I look forward to more of your posts. I always read them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! That’s awesome and I heard that too – people said operations were horrible. They weren’t too good during opening weekend either. It does happen though to every amusement park at some point. I am glad you read and enjoy my posts! I spent around 2 hours at the park taking photos and than another hour to write this post.


  2. Great photos of the new coaster copperhead strike! Love the corkscrew shot of copperhead strike . Looks like an amazing ride ! Excellent footage of photos throughout the park too!

    Liked by 1 person

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