What Happened to Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends? – My Thoughts

Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends event is a Halloween event that operates at the park in the fall during the middle of September until the park closes.

The event is marked with many decorations, food, shows, haunted houses, mazes, and activities. There are festivities throughout the entire park.

While the event today is still thriving, in the past few years the event has not been doing that well.

How it can be concluded of this is because when the event does excellent the park invests into what most guests would want to come back for. Given, some years the investments will be smaller because of other attractions added to the park. However, this can be inferred as an outcome of the lower attendance at the event.

One of the reasons the event’s attendance has dropped is because the event is now 20 years old. People have visited most of the attractions especially if they visited in recent years.

Considering this, take this into account. You visited HalloWeekends every year from 1997 to 2013. Almost every single year the park opens a new attraction or offers something new that makes it appealing to visit again. And while you are at the park you can ride some rides and visit your favorite attractions, right? 

Then you notice that around 2014 the park is doing the same repetitive things. They aren’t adding anything but that is something they always did in the 15-years you visite the event.

Why wouldn’t that person be interested to still visit? The park took out their favorite popular mazes at the park that they loved (Eden Musee and Eternity Infirmary). 

The new mazes to replace it are not very scary or thrilling. The person visits the park in 2017 when they were added. They were not impressed with the new mazes (they were supposed to be better for the park). The person also thought that they could of left the old attractions and it would have been better.

By removing old attractions and replacing them with worse alternatives while keeping the same repetitive tactics from past years does not impress a guest.

Cedar Point has never had one of the best Halloween event. Universal has a very popular and much better event that is rated very highly.

With this, Cedar Point’s Halloween event was still very popular for locals up to 2-hours away from the park (peak interest). On Fridays and Saturdays every year the park was packed with tons of guests. Every line was 1 hour for just the mazes. 

People were enjoying all of the attractions in the park (mostly Halloween but some were rides too). Those who do not like Halloween or the event in general were less likely to come to the park during this time of the year. That is not something that can be changed unless implementing other activities too (which the park has done).

The vast majority hasn’t been satisfied in recent years. The excellent mazes that were old were removed. They were still very popular favorites and make the event less popular than the newer ones. 

The reason the attendance dropped is because the park is continuing to keep the same attractions and replace the ones that are old with newer ones. Except the past few mazes and scare zones they have added have had very bad ratings.

Through analyzing the event’s major history it can become evident that due to the park not investing as much into the event as in the past, the attendance and popularity has dropped.

This is not good for the park. The core people (came to the event every year) have been less and less likely to come to the event each year because of the changes.

The things that have changed is just how the event is operated. The event has become more of a small time period for the park during the year.

Understanding, the park is not investing nothing into the event. They are still adding things and making improvements. The improvements aren’t enough to catch the attention of the core and other fans of the park.

However, many attractions had 5-minute waits in 2017 and 2018 which is completely unusual (not just on one occasion; it is collective data) and that does not follow the trends in the past.

Hopefully the park impresses everyone with a better event in 2019. Time will tell and they do not have very many years to completely save the event’s attendance. 


6 thoughts on “What Happened to Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends? – My Thoughts

  1. I was always amazed at how creative and focused the park was in the fall concerning theming, yet the rest of the year they had issues with maintaining just the fog effect on Maverick, or replacing burned out light bulbs. Clearly, if it makes money for them – they maintain and improve it. If it doesn’t, they milk it (i.e. Disaster Transport) until it becomes so bad they totally remove it.

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    1. I completely agree with your statement. The park is themed very well during HalloWeekends. It is very popular and generates a lot of money so they make sure everything is maintained. During the summer months, they don’t do as well of a job because people don’t really notice or care too much about the small aspects. Disaster Transport is an excellent thing to include in your analogy explanation of the investment of the park. Thank you for reading!


      1. Trust me, people notice. Check out the fanboy sites like PointBuzz or CoasterBuzz, and their posters are the first to identify the smallest flaw at any park – at any time of the year. Many of them apparently visit almost daily. They have a soft spot for Cedar Fair, (which can do no wrong in their eyes) but they will occasionally call them out on negligence as well. I consider them “Coaster Treckies”.


        1. I know those people notice but the average person going to an amusement park (a family or group of friends, for example) will not really care. They are focused more on the experience than criticizing the park for everything they do. I find that unnecessary because not everything in an amusement park will be perfect.


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