Top 5 Roller Coasters at Kings Dominion! – April 2019

Kings Dominion is a Cedar Fair (formerly Paramount Parks) owned amusement park in Doswell, VA.

It is very popular and well-known to people who live in West Virgina, Virginia, and the Carolinas.

The park has twelve roller coasters, so making a Top 10 list would not make sense. I will be sharing the Top 5 Roller Coasters at Kings Dominion for April 2019.

Number 5

Backlot Stunt Coaster

Backlot Stunt Coaster is a launched roller coaster that uses a Linear Induction Motor to power the two launches on the coaster.

It is a smaller sized roller coaster but it packs a great ride that can be quite intense. The theming and overall ride experience is very good for the type of coaster it is. Many families and thrill-seekers enjoy it.

Number 4

Flight of Fear

Flight of Fear is a launch roller coaster that is enclosed inside of a building. It uses a Linear Induction Motor.

The entrance and theming surrounding the building is very cool, considering that this is a Cedar Fair park.

The coaster is pretty cool especially since it is enclosed and very dark during the ride. Different elements inside the building enhance the experience.

It is a great ride but it can be a tiny bit rough at times. Despite this, it is a great ride.

Number 3


Dominator is a B&M Floorless roller coaster that previously operated at Six Flags Ohio (Geauga Lake). It was relocated to Kings Dominion when the park closed in 2007.

It is a very smooth coaster and the elements give a powerful and refreshing ride experience. This is very good since this coaster was relocated.

Number 2

Twisted Timbers

Twisted Timbers is an I-Box RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) Hybrid roller coaster. Originally Hurler, the track was removed and the supports were used for a new ride experience with inversions. New supports were also added to modify the layout.

The drop with the barrel roll is a great way to start out the ride. While it is not as intense as Intimidator 305 or its competitor – Steel Vengeance, it is intense and forceful.

The airtime on the coaster is excellent and the elements are also very good. The pacing is very consistent throughout the ride.

It is an excellent ride but it is not intense enough or has elements (airtime, inversions) that can withstand Number 1 in the park.

Number 1

Intimidator 305

Intimidator 305 provides a ride experience like no other. This roller coaster, by the name, is intimidator. It is built by Intamin and is 305-feet tall. Everything about the coaster is already being alluded in the name.

This roller coaster is very intense and forceful. It doesn’t slow down and keeps its speed throughout the ride. It has excellent pacing and is a very long ride. The turns low-to-the-ground are very forceful and on a different level compared to other coasters.

I hope you learned a little about Kings Dominion’s best roller coasters and why they are favored over the other in the park.

Nonetheless, Kings Dominion has an excellent collection of rides and roller coasters. They have a lot to offer for visitors.

To learn more about their roller coasters, click here.


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Roller Coasters at Kings Dominion! – April 2019

  1. I was lucky enough to ride Volcano a couple of times when I was at Kings Dominion last year. It, along with I-305, Twisted Timbers, and Dominator, gave KD a very solid top 4 coasters. With Volcano being demolished now, I hope KD gets another top notch coaster soon. I-305 is simply one of the best coaster experiences ever. A top 3 coaster for me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree Brandon. I hope they get a top 3 coaster (park wise) in the next couple of years also. As for I-305, it is a overall top 3 coaster for me. It’s right up there with Fury and Lightning Rod in my book. As for the next coaster at KD, I’d like to see some crazy B&M Flyer. Something similar to Flying Dinosaur in Japan. That thing looks insane.

        Liked by 1 person

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