Cedar Point’s New Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island for 2019 – My Thoughts

The roller coaster season is starting to warm-up and get back in full gear as Summer is approaching soon.

It is officially the month of May and Cedar Point will be opening on May 11th.

Two weeks later, their biggest attraction for the year, will open.

Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island will replace Dinosaurs Alive.

It was a dinosaur exhibit that was an extra-charge experience (it was not included with park admission).

Once the park debuts the new experience, it will be included with park admission.

Since very little information is available and I haven’t done very many Cedar Point articles this year, I will write about this topic. I will include speculation and my thoughts on what this attraction will be like and how it will perform.

Dinosaurs Alive opened in 2012. The original idea of it was to have a themed area on Adventure Island that would be a unique themed experience for the park.

When it opened it was in pristine condition with full-functioning animatronics.

The attraction did not perform very well for three reasons.

The first reason is that it was hidden. The only way to really see it was from a few roller coasters or from the Gemini Midway. Guests just heading to a ride or show were likely to miss it.

The second reason was that there was limited advertisements around the park for it. There was a display near Ocean Motion and outside the park. Even with this, they were props in the park, therefore, they could easily be overlooked.

There were very few large signs. One with lots of color and a graphic would catch a guests eye. Especially with 5-10 of them around the park.

The third and final reason was that this was an amusement park and guests were not intrigued by a dinosaur exhibit. Especially one that is of extra-charge. That turned away many guests. Especially since the park map was the only place that detail was shared.

Due to the attraction’s unexpected poor performance, the park did not invest anything into it. They were legally responsible to keep it for 5-years due to an agreement they were bound by.

The animatronics by this point were getting worse and worse. Landscaping was getting out-of-control and the area did not receive very much maintenance.

In addition, the park was making major improvements overall which drew away the attention of guests.

Once it was 2018 it was known that the attraction would be removed. Many visited it because it would be gone.

When I learned about Forbidden Frontier, I thought it would be an excellent addition to Cedar Point.

I also thought that it was a great idea to make the attraction free-of-charge. I knew (so did the park) that under publicizing the use of the area of the park and making the attraction cost money would not work. Dinosaurs Alive conveyed that.

Also, the nature of the attraction doesn’t make it logical to charge for the experience.

I know it will definitely do better than Dinosaurs Alive. It will be displayed across the park’s website, social media accounts, advertisements, and other sources.

In addition, what is part of the area will include challenges and adventures. It is designed to be as immersive as a guest wants it to be.

It is a unique, custom experience every time you visit it which makes it appealing. This will also help to balance the crowds for visiting the attraction.

There are three ways to enter the area. From Cedar Point’s official website, “Pull your group across Snake River Swamp aboard a four-person raft, take the wandering way around or brave the makeshift boggy bridge or venture through Cascade Crossing. Explore what you see, set off some water smokescreens and cautiously poke around a marooned fishing boat. Choose any which way – and let the adventure begin.”

Analyzing the description and map leads to the conclusion that this will be full of experiences.

I think that this will be very successful. Cedar Point officials have mentioned that in their opinion it is the most themed area of the park. It also holds the possibility of the park venturing theming to other areas.

I hope you found the comparison of what was done with the land in the past and what it will become interesting.

I also hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts about the new experience.

Click here for more information about it. It opens on Saturday, May 25th.


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