20 of My Favorite Blog Posts That I’ve Written! – May 2019

I have had this blog for one and a half years as of May 2019. I have written over 230 posts that I have published to my website.

Of those, just like anything, there are some posts that I really enjoyed creating and I was very happy with how they turned out.

I will say that it is very hard to choose which posts were my favorite. Some posts clearly weren’t my best work or I just did not enjoy writing it as much as others.

Today, I bring to you 20 of My Favorite Blog Posts That I’ve Written for May 2019!

I really hope you enjoy this post! If you would like to visit any of the posts mentioned, you can click on the title and it will directly take you to it.

Just for your reference, these posts are in no specific order.

Sights of Cedar Point – August 2017

This was one of the first posts that I published on my blog and was my first Sights article. On my blog, I take photos during my amusement park visits and I like to share the unique sights that I see! This is one of the lower-quality posts on my blog, but it is very sentimental.

Pipe Scream at Cedar Point – A Debate on Why It’s Not a Coaster!

This was also an earlier post on my blog. I always heard people saying that Pipe Scream was a roller coaster and it is also advertised on the Cedar Point website as being so. It is not a roller coaster! It’s a flat ride! I really liked this post because I supported my opinion with facts and developed the style of writing that I use still today.

What is the Best Maze to Visit at HalloWeekends Haunt at Cedar Point – September 2017

I wrote this post around the HalloWeekends season in September of 2017. If you did not already know, I love Halloween. The entire season is very exciting for me – almost as exciting as the holiday season in November & December. I especially love visiting amusement parks because many have events that are dedicated to the season. Shows, food, attractions, and mazes are all special for the season. I really like this post because I really outlined the event and shared my personal opinion and experiences. This was one of my favorite posts to actually write in the process.

Floater and Ejector Airtime – What’s the Difference

This was a unique post on my channel, especially for how long ago it was written. Floater and ejector airtime are very controversial topics in the amusement industry. I used examples of rides that I have ridden when experiencing them and outlined them. I received lots of feedback from people who really liked this post and thought it was well-written.

Sights of Cedar Point! – October 2017

Another Sights article makes this list. This is one of my favorite posts that I have made with photos from my amusement park trips. I especially enjoyed capturing the photos in this post. But what I love most is how much “stuff” is really contained in this post. So many cool sights of the park during HalloWeekends compared with the normal season is found providing a good compare-and-contrast style.

The Best Places to Eat at Cedar Point During HalloWeekends

I wrote a similar post like this in 2018 (more recently), but this post from 2017 strikes me. It is not really the actual content but the comparison of how much the style of my posts have developed can really be looked back on this post. It is a very simple post with the most important information. Readers will get what they want in 2-3 minutes, which is much shorter than my posts more recently.

Space Mountain at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – A Journey into Space

This post is the most unique post on my entire blog. Many people do not know what is so different about this post. It originally was not written for this blog. It was published on an old blog and it was saved in an archive so I was able to reuse it. I loved the way this post was written and how it captures the things that make Space Mountain unique.  I originally wrote it for another blog that only lasted around a month. I wish I could have gotten more posts from it because they were actually quite good.

Top 5 Anticipated Roller Coasters for 2018!

This was one of the first posts that I wrote in 2018 and it was my Top 5 Anticipated Roller Coasters for 2018! What I loved most about this post was how much work went into it. It was one of the smaller posts on my blog (based on number of words),  but the time it spent to create it was one of the longest. I knew of five coasters many people were excited of but I spent hours reading and watching other people’s opinion to get a better, more collective viewpoint.

Sights of Carowinds! – March 2018

I loved creating the post. The final product of other posts were much better, but, this post included Sights that shared my visit of Carowinds very well. They included actual things I did and took a minute to enjoy – not just things I took photos of for the post. The photos that are part of this post were some of the favorite that I have ever taken!

Planning for Cedar Point – What You Can Expect & Need to Know for 2018

I really enjoyed the content of this post. I wrote this post because I knew that I had so many tips for how to prepare for Cedar Point that could apply to almost everyone and help people. This post includes A TON of helpful tips and suggestions to guide someone to have a good visit at the park.

Sights of Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point! – May 2018

This post was very unique because it is Sights of a roller coaster, Steel Vengeance! While waiting in line for 3 hours during the FrontierTown Hoedown in May 2018, I got bored so I decided to capture the ride from the Deprivation queue (haunted house line where we had to wait), and I got unique shots! 

Riding Steel Vengeance for the First Time – My Thoughts

I absolutely think this post contains my truest thoughts about I ride. Yes, I don’t lie in my reviews. But, I really enjoyed this post because instead of waiting to give the ride categories and scores traditionally, right after I rode Steel Vengeance for my first time, I wrote about it with my honest thoughts.

Sights of CoasterMania! 2018 at Cedar Point

My favorite Sights article I have every published was of CoasterMania! 2018 at Cedar Point! The cruise, ERT of rides, and other cool opportunities made it an awesome day and it had beautiful weather which allowed for great photos!

My Thoughts on Vekoma Coasters

This post was one of my favorites because I really outlined my thoughts (positives and negatives) about Vekoma roller coasters. These scream machines are not liked very much because of the uncomfortable ride experience. I liked writing this because I had to be careful with the words I used to make sure I was displaying my real thoughts about the ride – to be taken the right way.

Issues that Walt Disney World Has That No One Talks About

This post was interesting but contained information that many people deny or try to “hide the fact”. I shared things that Walt Disney World has issues with that no one addresses but knows that it could be improved to make the experience even better than it already is.

What’s Coming & Leaving for HalloWeekends 2018 at Cedar Point!

This post was created in abscence of a YouTube video that I did in 2017 sharing what is new and different about HalloWeekends for the upcoming season. I always like these because I research the park’s website to find the information before it is even publicized.

Sights of Cedar Point! – September 2018

I really enjoyed creating this post because the photos were unlike any of the ones I had taken in the past. I captured the beautiful Sights of The Cedar Point Beach and everything around it. That is an impressive area that the park has that many others do not!

The Magical House on Boo Hill at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends – The Haunt Spotlight

This post was very unique because I introduced a new segment for the Haunt to Haunt season on my blog. “The Haunt Spotlight” is where I share extensive information about a specific attraction or experience that is unique to the HalloWeekends season at Cedar Point.

Kentucky Flyer at Kentucky Kingdom February 2019 Construction Update

This post was a Construction Update of Kentucky Flyer at Kentucky Kingdom and was one of the few posts in the category. I really enjoyed the post because I got photos of construction workers making progress on the ride in a blink-of-an-eye!

Steel Curtain at Kennywood April 2019 Construction Update

The final post that I will be sharing is very recent, my Steel Curtain Construction Update. I was invited to a tour at the park which gave myself andothers invited an opportunity to get unique photos of the ride. I really enjoyed seeing the progress of the ride and I got close-up photos of the ride’s progress.

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I really hope you enjoyed this post hearing some of my favorite blog posts that I have written in the past!

It was extremely difficult to choose because all of the posts I have written have turned out very well!

I plan to do a post like this again in the future!


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