If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or inquiries, then you can contact Coaster to Coaster. You will typically get a response anywhere ranging from 1-72 hours, depending on the time you send your message.

Social Media

You can comment, send a private message, or get in touch anyway on the Coaster to Coaster social platforms. This will be the quickest response contact method and is a good option for short messages. DO NOT send personal information through public social platforms. Instead, send a private message.

General Contact Inquiry

You can fill out the form below for any general inquiries if you prefer to use this method instead of emailing me.

Merch Inquiries

Please note that if you have any questions about the items, you may contact me. Please use the Fit Finder to assist with determining your adult size. All products come in adult sizes. Please be aware that Coaster to Coaster is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any issues with your order.

All item prices exclude taxes & shipping fees. Rush shipping is available for an extra fee. You may edit your order color or size before it goes to production. You may cancel your order by using the link in the confirmation email from Teespring sent to you. All profit from the sales goes to important causes for charities!

To address any concerns with your order, you have a 30-day window to contact Teespring to resolve any issues. The support team will respond to your request within 24 hours.

Contact Teespring:

Fan Mail

The option of shipped fan mail or packages is not available, unfortunately. You can, however, bring your fan mail to a park where I will be visiting if you contact me. A P.O. Box, where you can send fan mail, may eventually be an option, but it isn’t yet.

Business Inquiries

Business inquiries will be handled through an orderly process, explained below:

  1. You must contact Coaster to Coaster and request an application be sent to you
  2. You will receive an email within 24-48 hours with the status of your request, admitted or rejected. If it is rejected, you will be provided a reason
  3. If your application request was accepted, you can fill out your application
  4. Between 48-96 hours, you will receive information on if Coaster to Coaster is interested in working with you

Important Notices:

  • Spam is PROHIBITED and use of this process for the intent of harm, malware, or spam will result in the ejection of the program
  • When requesting your application, please fill out the form with your best knowledge. If you do not fill out the entire form or with enough information or details, Coaster to Coaster will refuse to accept your request
  • Rejected requests cannot be withdrawn from your record in the system
  • If your request is rejected and you do not agree with the reason, please get in touch, however, the request cannot be reversed unless an error has been made
  • You may submit another application. However, if you submit 3 applications in the period of 90 days and they are all rejected, you will not be permitted to submit another application until 30 days have passed