If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me using the various methods currently available to get ahold of me below. I am very good at responding to emails and messages quickly.

Fastest Contact Method

If you need to get ahold of me quickly, the best contact option is to message me on Instagram and Twitter. Usually you will get a response within 5 hours and for sure by the end of the day. Please be aware, however, I am in the Eastern United States Time Zone, so time may be off causing a delay in replying back to you. Please avoid using the public comment features on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, as I am normally not active checking these. I will check these, but sometimes, I miss the notification or they do not show up at all so I would avoid this. I also prioritize private messages over comments.

Instagram: @coaster_to_coaster

Twitter: @coastertocoast

General Contact Method

A general method to contact me would be through email. This is great for sharing files or longer messages. I check my email often, so expect a reply normally within 5 hours, but usually in less time. Sometimes, however, expect a reply in 1-2 days. I spend more time checking my email than private messages so you will get a different response.

Email Address: 

Business/Sponsorship Inquiries

Thank you for your interest to work with me!

Before you review the process of sending these types of inquiries to Coaster to Coaster, please note, that your response will be ignored if such an inquiry is sent through social media comments or private messages. You must email Coaster to Coaster.

When contacting me, please make sure to include the following information: type of inquiry/sponsorship details, platform(s) the sponsorship will be produced on, and how long the sponsorship would take for me to produce (if it applies), or is the sponsorship an inquiry for you to take care of, and cost details.

I will then provide a Media Kit and Brand Portfolio if requested. I may also wish to have a conference to discuss the inquiry. I will review the details and your brand and provide you with a final decision.

Please Note: The main reason that I turn down Sponsorship inquiries is that I do not get enough information about the nature of the inquiry. Please provide all of the details about the inquiry, or consideration will be lost. 

Contact Information:


Any spam of any type or any nature will NOT BE TOLERATED! You will automatically be blocked with no consideration. This is a policy that is in effect for all Coaster to Coaster services and social media profiles, and cannot be altered.