Haunt to Haunt

The former Haunt to Haunt logo for Season 1 in 2017! A new logo was created in 2018 for Season 2 to incorporate the Coaster to Coaster and Haunt to Haunt logo in one!

Haunt to Haunt Season 2

Haunt to Haunt is a series and season/time period on the Coaster to Coaster social platforms that lasts during the time from the third weekend of September to the last day of October!

Haunt to Haunt was introduced in September 2017. The idea was created to put a spotlight and focus on promoting the fun that happens at amusement parks’ Halloween events. Personally, I am a huge fan of them and like to show what they have to offer.

Haunt to Haunt Season 2 will begin on Friday, September 14th and will end on Wednesday, October 31st!

About Haunt to Haunt

Haunt to Haunt was first brainstormed in late August 2017. I talked about in my vlogs in early September about what the series would look like.

The real “inspiration” for Haunt to Haunt is I really would like to have a unique branding and series during the Halloween season for amusement parks. I would like to showcase footage, vlogs, and secondary series that will relate to Halloween. I am a huge fan of the Halloween season at amusement parks, and this series showcases what you can do during this season and what the park has to offer.

The name “Haunt to Haunt” came up because the whole idea of Coaster to Coaster is to enjoy the passion and ride as many coasters as you can given the opportunities you have. I used the same idea but applied it to Halloween.

Some regular videos are implemented into the series. For example, I still will record Park Footage, however, the footage will showcase what the parks look like during the Halloween season and include shows or attractions only available during that time.

New for the 2nd Haunt to Haunt

Haunt to Haunt is back again but better than ever! The series will now include some new types of content I will be introducing! The new types of content will also feature content during the regular Coaster to Coaster season. But, the content will be modified to fit the Halloween Season.

Content for 2018 Season – Blog

  • Sights articles showcasing attractions and experiences
  • The Haunt Spotlight: Describing in detail what to expect from an attraction; not a review; includes opinions. Details about the experience.
  • Countdowns relating to Halloween attractions
  • NEW! Countdowns relating to Halloween attractions
  • NEW! Ultimate Guides for experiencing the Halloween events – What You Need to Know
  • NEW! Reviews relating to Halloween attractions
  • Advice relating to tips about making the most out of your visit or which attractions to visit – Things that will make your Visit Helpful

Content for 2018 Season – YouTube Channel

The full list of content for the 2018 Haunt to Haunt Season includes:

  • NEW! Livestreams to showcase attractions and experiences
  • NEW! Quick Tips on visiting the park during the Halloween Season
  • NEW! Countdowns relating to Halloween attractions
  • Vlogs
  • Footage relating to the Halloween season
  • NEW! Reviews relating to Halloween attractions
  • News relating to the Halloween season
  • NEW! Tips or other valuable information about the Halloween season

Why Should I Follow the Coaster to Coaster Blog? What is so special about your posts?

My blog posts are very unique and compelling in a way people would not expect. They are informal but are ensured to be of the highest quality and include key information – while not being so boring and long. Some of my posts are longer, but that is because the topic of interest or style of the post is meant to explain on the information. My blog offers a wide range of categories of posts! You will be sure to find valuable and insightful information! I try to make your visit and experience with the Halloween season helpful! Stick around during the regular Coaster to Coaster season, too! There are still valuable posts!