Terms of Service

Last Updated: 12.17.17

The following information below is legal information regarding Coaster to Coaster’s content anywhere on the web. You agree to these Terms of Service while using viewing and interacting in any form on the Coaster to Coaster on my website and social media profiles.

Terms of Service Modifications

You agree that as Coaster to Coaster reserves the right to make modifications to the Terms of Service, you will still agree and be bound to them even after changes are made without notice to you.

Copyright Information

All Coaster to Coaster content is copyrighted. Use of my content with or without credit without contacting us and requesting permission is subject to legal action from the Freedom! network or any affiliates under Coaster to Coaster legal terms. Removing the content or making it private does not make it legal to use. The video will be claimed ownership of Coaster to Coaster and all monetization will go to me.

To request permission, visit the contact page on this website and find Business Inquiries/Legal Contact for information on how to contact me.

I will gladly arrange something with you or let you use some of my content if it is legally arranged!

Legal Actions

Legal actions may include but are not limited to the following:


  • Video is flagged as copyrighted and all ownership is transferred to Coaster to Coaster
  • Monetization (if it applies) will be sent to Coaster to Coaster
  • Your YouTube channel will be terminated
  • Your Google account will be terminated
  • A Community Guideline strike will appear on your YouTube channel

Social Media 

  • The content will be deleted
  • Your account will be disabled or deleted


  • Your website will be taken down
  • Monetization (if it applies) with ads on the page of my content will be directed to Coaster to Coaster

Privacy Notice

While interacting or using our website and social media profiles, I will NEVER give away or sell any of your personal information. Personal information of myself or others will not be given out upon request of any means and will be reported to law enforcement to further handle the situation. This website is secured with HTTPS which allows all information securely and it won’t be modified or changed by attackers.