Weekly Polls

Every few weeks, Coaster to Coaster will have a Weekly Poll with some questions about videos/series, ways to improve Coaster to Coaster, and questions about parks/rides. The data is used to analyze content. Please be sure to check your answers and make sure they are accurate, as you cannot edit your responses after you submit the poll. This is implemented so we have the most accurate responses.

To fill out the most recent Weekly Poll, click the link below:

Coaster to Coaster Weekly Poll #1

Usage of Collected Data

All the questions, even though it isn’t very visible, will be used for some type of planning purpose. Series/videos people enjoy will be replicated and more produced content will come. Series people dislike may be limited to content or removed entirely. Questions about parks or rides are just for fun, however, they too may be used for planning purposes. What types of parks or rides to do videos on could be analyzed from that data. Your data and information WILL NOT be used for any other purpose than solely for analyzation purposes and won’t be sold to third parties, however note that SurveyMonkey where the information is being distributed to has access to it and that is not controlled by Coaster to Coaster.

Personal Data Note

Please note that personal data like email addresses or phone number will not be collected when completing the Weekly Poll. Personal data will never be a required input to the poll. Your IP address will be collected, however, which will link your submission to an output. Coaster to Coaster will not use this for any other purposes except for tracking your submission.